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Feldman, Morton – “For Bunita Marcus (1985)” – [Amirani Records/Amirani Contemporary]

Naysayer   7/1/2015   A Library, CD

This 67 minute solo piano piece is one of Feldman’s last solo piano works. (He passed away in 1987.) It is a work that is about the moment, not needing to know what happened before or after to understand the present. Notes are repeated, like a slowed down Glass or Reich minimalism. A note is played. There is a space. Several more are played and then it repeats, takes a different take, adds some notes, pulls some out, repeats in a different pattern. Gianni Lenoci performs this piece with stunning skill. It must be a challenge, to say the least, to perform a solo piece for 67 minutes. Lenoci never lets down. Each note is played with meaning and purpose. This is transcendent stuff. Give yourself time to enjoy.


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