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Belleli, Avi – “Strawberry Cream and Gunpowder ” – [Ad Hoc]

cinder   2/22/2007   A Library, CD

Born in Tel Aviv, Avi is one of Israel???s most well
known composers. Also the leader of rock group,
Tractor???s Revenge, who has a few gold albums over
seas. This release is music set to a dance piece
performed in Europe, Japan, Israel and New York, of
the same name, choreographed by Yasmeen Goder. It
almost feels like you???re watching a semi-horror,
silent foreign film that takes place in cold empty
warehouse starring 2 mental souls. Very sparse and
Strange handclaps. Random hoarse female screams and
whines. Underwater bubbling pits. Gentle guitar
strumming, turned intense electric. Empty
whistling tunnels.


hagai dekel says

avi belleli is not apriciated enough in israel. he's one of the most talented musicians, unfortenetly they music editors on the radio station dont play belleli's music as they should have


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