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J-Zone – “Peter Pan Syndrome” – [Old Maid Entertainment]

Thurston Hunger   5/7/2015   CD, Hip Hop

While punk rock struggles with being classical music (“Symphonia
Uber Alles?) hip hop muddles in middle age where finally those
velour jumpsuits are needed! J-Zone actually hung up the headphones
for a stretch in 2009 and thought about another path, which helped
seed both a book (“Root for the Villain”) and this fine album.
Instead of giving the drummer some, he became the drummer! So
this has more shake than Foster’s Freeze when you were only
as tall as Shawn Bradley’s knees. This album is a fun as the
best summer you ever had (and has the exact attitude about a
job that you lost during that same summer.) He drops some words
that should NOT be aired during daytime, monster.com and linkedin
and even that four-letter nasty : kale. He drops that kale and
slips on it in “An Honest Day’s Robbery” the instro after that
gets mighty rubbery, his live drums when added really pack the
right punch. The instros #4, #9, #14, #18 often have some
swirling or downright psychotronic samples tucked in nicely.
But the lyrically laced tracks are where it’s at, Zone-bone
connected to the funny bone, although in single track listening
you might miss the overall effect. Well he’s funny to me, even
when he’s laughing at me. And his little Kazzoo cartoon sidekick,
Chief Chinchilla, puts the id in solid and stupid. He may have
missed his calling just going for the mic and throat as a comic,
rap-wise though he should be considered the O-OCD-G on tracks
like “Crib Issues” and “The Fox Hunt.” 409 is NOT a crime!
Assuming his alter ego Swagmaster Bacon doesn’t blow up,
-Thurston Hunger

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