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Ambarchi, Oren / Eli Keszler – “Alps” – [Dancing Wayang Records]

abacus   2/4/2015   12-inch, A Library


scorching collaboration between these two heavyweights recorded in London for this small UK label. screeching scratched (oh alright bowed) cymbals and scraping strings looming with feedback foreboding the onslaught of percussion rattles; torrents and cracks, drifting in and out of drones in all forms and frequencies the lull explodes to fervor only to sink back to a searing serenity. the B-side breaks into a buzzier, more dynamic attack (not to say better, just more active). a timbre that carries from one side to the next fluidly but with drastically different results. bonus mini-cd inside (only available with first 200 copies) boasts a condensed mix of both sides for further confusion. fucking invigorating, don’t forget your pills.


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