Huntsville- “For The Middle Class”- [Rune Grammofon]

nic   1/29/2007   A Library

Huntsville is Ivar Grydeland, Tonny Kluften and Ingar Zach. They create an abstract yet rhythmic sound- not quite noise, but close to it. Moving pictures transmitted via your ears, not your eyes. All instrumentals.

T1- The Appearance of a Wise Child: Bouncy bleeps meet a locomotive head-on, with guitar accompaniment. (15:28)

T2- Serious Like a Pope: Drones and moans for strings and synth. (5:03)

T3- Add a Key of Humanity: Epic percussion creates the field and the other instruments play rugby all over it. Leading to a wild scrum at the end. (22:10)

T4: Melon: Lonely acoustic guitar puts on its best suit and searches for a distant drum. (7:29)


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