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Jaworzyn, Stefan – “Drained of Connotation” – [Blackest Ever Black]

Thurston Hunger   12/12/2014   12-inch, A Library

Rookie card underground music superstar week, part 2.
Number Six got this from Aquarius Records likely as
a crossover to horror via John Carpenter. These
sonic explorations are metro-gnomed by a bass set
of impulses, that are up front in the mix while
an oscilloscope hovers in and out of the tracks.
A febrile drum machine snares its way into the
1-2-3 4 march. But it’s that insistent pulsing
bass dance party that is going to break you. The
surface consistency is pretty high here, but there
are moments like the closing of side B and maybe
7 minutes into side A, where the knobs get dialed
into the part that squelches best with my soul.
Liner notes from Mr. Ascension (and connections
to Whitehouse & Skullflower) describe his 1982
mindframe. I think KFJC DJ’s can get creative
in how they implement these pieces (which are
packed pretty tightly, but you can see where
they start/stop…and the titles themselves
seem to tell a story. “I Am Not Going To Make
This Mistake Again” is a gauntlet thrown down.
Like the knobs and their enveloping effects,
I get turned this way and that while listening
to this record.

-Thurston Hunger


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