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rasbabo   11/11/2014   A Library

Black Uhuru- ???Tear It Up??? (Live)

The classic BU lineup of Michael Rose, Puma Jones and Duckie Simpson on vocals, backed by the legendary rhythm section of Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare on drums and bass.
Mikey Chung and Darryl Thompson on guitars, Keith Sterling on keyboards and Sky Juice on percussion round out the band.
This show was recorded on the ???Red??? tour in 1981. This album has tracks from the first three BU albums, which is slimmed down slightly from the video by the same name.

This ‘aint no Sponji Reggae, spin and twirl your dreads ganja-head fun party.
No. This is a heavy, somber set of soulful wailing vocals and heavy brooding basslines. With songs about prostitutes, abortion, prison, hypocrites, the after-life, and heavy Rasta realism, this is the real deal of life in the ghetto of Jamaica.
The band is in top form, and this is the time period before they really shot to the top of the reggae world in the mid-eighties.
In this album, the whole is far greater than the sum of it’s parts.

???Leaving to Zion??? is my personal fave here, but all songs are solid.
Songs 1 and 2 on side A track into each other, but it’s worth it.

Throw away your cigarettes and light up your spliff.
One of my top 10 reggae albums of all-time.

Ras Babo


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