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Zeek Sheck – “Joinus” – [Resipiscent Records]

Thurston Hunger   10/16/2014   12-inch, A Library

Holy guacamole! Can this really be the end of the Zeek
Sheck saga, it must be a trick or a trap or some part
of the battle between Beepers and the Cloud People
(for further investigation : http://zeeksheck.com/ )
The goddess behind this cosmic comic book, Rose
Perkin-Meyers has assembled some like-minded brain
washers and sound scrubbers, including the mightee
Liz Albee, our friend Moe Staiano, Matt Ingalls
and more. As a result the music here is never
airtight, the concluding side long piece (behind
the green door?) “The Mind Will Travel” works
its way from bachelor pad to volcano sacrifice
(or is someone tied in front of an oncoming train)
before fritzing out on synth blitzes, and then
this gorgeous piano (are spiders playing it?)
trickling underneath a soliloquy of pain and pride.
That’s just one song. Is this double LP a game,
there’s a maze in lyrics and concept…and if
there’s a way out, I don’t want it. I’m going to
call the Red Door an opening to a pop album in
another universe, Sure, it ends with “we’re all
going to die” and isn’t that the feeling most
pop music elicits? The blue side has weirdness
and Sheckian martial pound percussion. “Slow
Walking” hits hard, keep on moving. Whirls of
gunfire on “Joinus” in case you though this battle
wasn’t real. Meyers tweaks her voice and themes,
on “Son” she’s gotta hayseed delivery (the
country chart-topper?) and a sweet tale from a
dying loving father? Possible euthanization?
Open the side-long yellow door and “Notch Your
Stick” odd ball intro leads into a pointilistic
jazz-like game of tag in a forest between Ingalls
and Allbee. There’s a heavy synth vibe, but if
you weren’t into Zeek Sheck before (she’s visited
KFJC in the past, but that only added to the
confusion) then now is the time to Joinus. There
must be more, Dot Dot Dot…

One of thee albums of the year I suspect!

-Thurston Hunger

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