Ladd, Brian – “Tramps” – [Ladd-Frith]

Naysayer   10/13/2014   A Library, CD

Brian Ladd, of the Psyclones, a band that’s been around for decades, whose electronic angst has guided the political tensions of it’s lyrical philosophy, Brian Ladd has come up with something a bit different. This two CD set of 29 solo guitar and effects tracks is named “Tramps” because these are cast offs. Noodlings, I like to say, but very effective to be sure. Ladd states that some of these are worthless, and, okay, you have got to give the artist his/her feelings and interpretation. These are things Ladd has been playing around with in the studio but that have not gone any further than that. Until this self released set. It’s not finger picking or fancy strumming here. Rather, it is single strums with lots of echo. It’s drone and ambient and a bit metal. I can only imagine the number of effects pedals lined up on the floor. But the pedals are put to great use. The experience of listening to a CD straight through is like taking a sonic journey of an almost psychedelic nature. Guitar sounds bounce and wave, float or crash, push and pull. The sound is hypnotic At times it is disorienting, but in a good way.
the Congratulations for keeping the cast offs. The joy of listening and surprise continues on with this set.


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