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Chris Brown “Master Switch” [Insignificant Records] (33RPM)

nic   11/18/2006   12-inch, A Library

Chris Brown- Master Switch

Chris Brown, Tom Nunn and David Poyourow improvise on home made instruments. Soft ambient percussive and strings intertwine and reproduce.

Wavicle Board- plywood sheets wit steel rods, bronze brazing rods, nails and strings.
Crustacean- balloon mounted rodded metal 32? disk sound radiator.
Wasservina- resonators mounted on stainless steel, water filled bowls and string.

Master Switch (21’18?)- soft percussive, wood on metal, soothing to spooky
Sonar Vacation (3’20?)- vocals (Devo on acid?) over layered, cannibalized piano parts
Insect Love (8’32?)- clicks and buzzing: insectoid poetry?
Summer Jam (7’18?)- liquid percussion in slow motion


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