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Jist, The – “Jist, The” – [Va Fongool]

Thurston Hunger   8/16/2014   A Library, CD

My calculations may be off, but from here at KFJC it
appears that half of Norway are talented experimental
musicians. Natalie Sandtorv who sonically descends
from Shelley Hirsch and Maja Ratkje, performs nearly
non-stop vocal microbatics. On a bus, you would avoid
making eye contact, in a small art gallery, you gaze
intently at her and marvel at the susurrations that
close out #4, the swoons and squeaks on #1, the croaky
throat and gasps that open #5 before more strangulated
bleat-offs ensue. I think of Hirsch on that piece thanks
to the quick puckers and pops, the stacatto dotting of
almost-words. I miss Hirsch’s ability to weave a story
in between the mouth madness, but maybe Sandtorv is
doing so, and I’m not on the same wavelength. During #5
towards the end, I think the’s trying to say something
about Norway, a warning or an invite, I could not tell.
On the next track, again her lips are moving (often
rapidly) but I can’t quite hear what she’s saying.
Cuckoo bird trills disrupt my speech receptors. My favorite
piece was #2, confused me nicely, is it epileptic sex, or a
baseball game watched while hiding under the stands and
freezing? Behind every wonderful weird woman, there is
often a man saying, hey is there any way you’d try this
on stage? How about if I tweak out on my guitar like
a frozen Derek Bailey being resurrected? That man in the
icy shadows here is Torgeir Hovden Standal, he takes
charge on the last track, while Natalie knobs out on
her electronics. I like the concept of “The Jist” being
their improvised response to certain concepts (see the
titles) but how well they achieve that I dunno, hope
to hear/see more from ’em.

-Thurston Hunger

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