Stephan Dunkelman “Rhizomes” [empreintes Digitales] (CD)

nic   11/4/2006   A Library, CD

Stephan Dunkelman “Rhizomes”
Dreamlike soundscapes of the electronic variety- music to create your own SciFi movie of the mind…

Metharcana- On a haunted space ship alien ghosts and humanoid robots play laser tag
Rituellipses- metal, glass and stone percussionists poke each other in slow motion
Hanna Duet- Blue man drummers attacked by giant iron dragonflies
Dreamlike…- Surprising silences, crashes, meteors impact a frozen moon
Aquaera – Trains ful of titanium insects followed by hungry wooden birds
Signallures- Centaur archers practice to the accompanyment of clockwork gnome lyrists
Thru, above and between- traveling to the beach, blindfolded in a crystal hovercraft


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