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Xaddax – “Counterclockwork” – [Skin Graft Records]

human   7/2/2014   A Library, CD

Chaotic, calculus punk, noise metal, self-proclaimed “spazz-wave” with gruff, often screaming, mantra vocals and semi-subtle, outer-spacey sounds. This married duo hails from Brooklyn, NY with Chrissy Rossettie on drums, electronic sounds, and backing vocals while Nick Sakes does his guitar/yelling/singing thing. Short, similar sounding songs that fit well together and make for an interesting listen. “Stark Terms” is my favourite track. Good to listen to while tracking, stalking, and then pouring cement down the throat of your local rapist. Remember to wear rubber gloves, watch for hair and fiber under his fingernails, and carefully dispose of all evidence.



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