Swell, Steve / Dewar, Andrew Raffo / Fewell, Garrison – “Estuaries” – [dEN Records]

abacus   6/18/2014   CD, Jazz


Lush wetland soundscapes as actualized by these three veteran improvisers. Amphibious squeaks and mammalian squeals delicately traded between horn players while guitar lays out a nocturnal backdrop for interplay. Fewell supplying a clean yet seemingly prepared sound at times, locking together harmonious and meditative roots for the horns to build from and dismantle. Cracked wispy drones and spine tingling scratches and creaks. The Estuaries are more dark and mysterious while Semiotic Correlations and Music For Three are more playful. Unnerving, somber, sorrowful, profound and brooding. Patience corrupting and thought inducing. Challenging music for difficult people.


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