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Yowie – “Damning With Faint Praise” – [Skin Graft Records]

abacus   4/25/2014   A Library, CD

yowie interview

Another southern twang speedball from Missouri math rock monsters Yowie. 8 years of hibernation and the beast has tempered; still the erratic, disjointed rhythms and angry, atonal guitar, but all spaced out a bit. Thoughtful amelodic exploration between the skreeling finger-bent guitarists also allowing each other room to breathe, even as they pile on the pandemonium. And slowly but surly Defenestrator’s restrained breakdowns punctuate perfectly the still spastic interplay, seizing and fidgeting into something concrete, but fleeting in the inevitable and eternal collapse. Deceptively impulsive but in reality rigidly composed by these crackhead savants. A solid whippersnapper of a release that I could care less about.


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