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GEZAn – “Katsute Uta Tolwaretasore” – [Important Records]

abacus   4/16/2014   A Library, CD


Kawabata Makoto recommended this 2010 debut to Important Records for rerelease and god damn was he right! 60 megaton leviathan of noise infected rock-and-fucking-roll full of psych sludge swill and freak pop fantasy galore with a big dose of bluesabilly blastoff. This ain???t no simple acidhead psychedelia or even heavy space sounds, but all that in a cosmic cocktail of brain sizzling stimulants, dissociative downers and a mashup of any and every mind altering mixer known to man and machine. Alternately invigorating, terrifying, hilariously amusing, overwhelmingly perplexing, furiously liberating, claustrophobically intense and all fucking rocking (well all except for the final lullaby so distant its almost not there even though it never seems to end). Every aesthetic imaginable powerpacked in entropic variety: twang, hop, pulse trash, thrash and slime. It???s a deliriously delightful dementia, so good it???s toxic.


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