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Walizadeh, Omid – “Modern Persian Speech Sounds” – [B|ta’arof]

Thurston Hunger   4/16/2014   12-inch, A Library

Two side-long slabs from Omid, a hiphop producer from SoCal, that
honor his parent’s homeland, Iran. My Farsi fails me, or more truly
I have failed her, so I cannot spot a thematic connection from the
words. Well towards the end a sample of a young boy saying farewell,
Khoda Hafez, with two inflections sampled Omid makes a cool stutter
rhythm. Apparently Omid has gone to great lengths to connect sounds
from Iran, mostly pre-revolutionary, most of the time he just dishes
up a dash, and sometimes loops it tightly (a gorgeous woman’s voice
gets Max Headroom’d around the end of side A). Overall it wouldn’t
surprise me if he had well over 100 samples knitted into the final
project here. There are tight moments where a KFJC DJ could jump in
or out of the mix, but mostly these tracks march relentlessly towards
the dancefloor. Speaking of which, I found the drum samples very dominant
through-out just heavy thumps of nearly martial force. Political
commentary, or just a fondness for industrial strength woofers that
can shake a car out of one lane and into another? There are a few
English samples, like the title showing up early on side A, and
on the flip a commentary about Iranians loving to party. Hopefully
they can eventually in Tehran with this on the turntable and young
men and women together in the same room… As a side note, please
check out http://www.btaarof.com/ the “label” that released this
is really a fledgling magazine devoted to the arts and aesthetics
of the Iranian diaspora. While I look forward to future music
coming fresh from Iran, appreciating the past is always a pleasure.
Speaking of which, Omid was the man behind “Beneath the Surface”
a stellar hip hop compilation KFJC added a few years back. I
wonder if he will hook his fathers’ friends’ lps and cassettes
up with Sublime Frequencies or another label to stretch out some
of the songs he sampled here in a series of compilations. In’shallah.

-Thurston Hunger

you heard it 25 times on kfjc! most recently:
Gigi says

This is a great record!! But you have the name wrong in the header (you have it listed as Omar instead of Omid.)


Thurston Hunger says

Merci Gigi...

I fixed the header... Good luck with your magazine and endeavors. If you find the punk rock musical version of filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami send him/her KFJC's way.


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