Ellen Allien- Remix Collection [coll] – [Asphodel]

rasbabo   4/9/2014   A Library, CD

Ellen Alien – Remix Collection
Ellen Alien is a towering star on the Berlin club DJ scene. Also an acclaimed producer she has taken tracks from the b-pitch control / Asphodel label and created a sweet compilation that is more like a true DJ set. The plus side for us is that the tracks have breaks, allowing us to cue up and get out of them easily.

Some tracks are instrumental, others with vocal samples, and a couple with more pronounced vocals.

The earlier tracks are slightly minimal and subdued, and the set builds up strongly, churning you under and spitting you out in her wake. Only a few tracks have the typical techno 4/4 pound, most have more devious syncopation and irregular rhythms. All tracks are strong.
Ras Babo



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