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Lamort – “Purge” – [Heart & Crossbone]

humana   3/17/2014   A Library, CD

When I started to listen to this, I thought of Cy Thoth’s voice and regretted that I never heard him sing. I wondered if he sounded anything like the voice on the first track of this release. Then I looked at the lyrics printed on the insert, and they were too small and jammed together to read, so I just listened. I know nothing about metal, or doom, or sludge, so I don’t know how to describe this. One reviewer calls it a “vile eulogy for mankind.” The duo describe their voices as “mouth noises,” and no way can you hear their French accents. The outraged energy washed over me. Track 11 is a cover of The Beatles’ “Come Together,” and it’s pretty great. Enjoy.


Jean Ovni says

Thanks for the review man!


humana says

You are so welcome! Thank YOU for the music!


loule says

pffff stay alive poto ;)
when are you on scene(date) ?


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