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Sarcasm – “Crematory” – [Nuclear War Now! Productions]

mickeyslim   3/12/2014   12-inch, A Library


Wicker re-rerelease, from Yoguslavian thrash metal band Sarcasm. Originally recorded in 1989 by Ales Blaznik on guitars, Sandi Dolinar on bass, Matjaz Kacin on drums and vocals by Osim Cehis-Paco, this 8-song cassette release got them a little notoriety and they toured around Yugoslavia. Also at this point, Yugoslavia required a one-year mandatory military service, so the entire lineup changed at this point.

After this disbanded in 1994 after what was dubbed the “Last Real Metal Show,” they remained apart for four years before coming back together in a similar lineup, and releasing a new album ‘Divja Kri’ (Savage Blood) with the original recordings of ‘Crematory’ as a bonus.

Nuclear War Now! comes along and approaches the band a bout a rerelease for the 20th anniversary of the first incantation of Sarcasm. Crunchy wild guitars, dissonant vocals, crazed drums, and angry Yugoslavian dudes from 1989. I prefer the ‘Not Slovenia’ side. Enjoy the awful taste left in your mouth..


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