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Fushitsusha – “(Gold Cover)” – [Heartfast]

Naysayer   3/10/2014   A Library, CD

Haino Keiji has been going strong for many decades. Starting in 1970, Keiji propelled himself head on into the world of experimental sound collisions and psychedelia and he has not stopped since. Fushitsusha is a project he started in 1978 and it’s various incarnations have always been a challenge and a push to what a listener is used to. With this 2013 release, the “Gold” CD. whose Japanese title is loosely translated as “In the Now, While It’s Still Warm, Let’s Pour In Every Mystery”, Haino, as Fushitsusha, continues the exploration. But where some artists like Silvia Kastel, Gary Smith and Ninni Morgia with their “Brand” project do the chaotic sound thing in a way that comes off like shards flying around (which is not a bad thing), Haino’s avant rock psychedelia sound exploration feels…. organic?….. smooth?…… less random?….. which could be completely wrong but it’s how I hear it. The whole piece is like a sine wave of emotion, starting off quiet (drum, whisper), then getting louder and more chaotic, coming down again, up and then finishing on this quiet note of completion and solitude or contemplation. Drums are hit. A cymbal crashes. Guitar chord is plunked. All this and more, sometimes not all together. Growling vocals are laced with history, meaning and understanding. However you hear it, this latest Fushitsusha project shows that being older does not mellow an artist’s ability to push the listener to the edge. Rather, being older allows for maturity, thoughtfulness and experience to drive a project to a new level. May we all be so fortunate to achieve this level of insight.

Subjective take on each track:
1- bass and one drum, quiet, screeching and whispered vocals
2- drums, bass, simple patterns repeated, lyrical vocals singing
3- here we go!!! spastic drum, then bass, guitar slash, strained vocals, then fade out one at a time, follows a pattern
4- ensemble scatter
5- ensemble, individual plunking
6- ensemble but individual plunking, more of vocals
7- harsh vocals with rhythmic ensemble
8- quiet ghostly, almost a love song if possible

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