Gosfield, Annie – “Almost Truths and Open Deceptions” – [Tzadik]

Thurston Hunger   3/5/2014   A Library, CD

From the opening number, where a cello and piano
rob a bank, while a percussionist waits in the
getaway car, these four chamber pieces (and
one oddball) work in tense environments. “Wild
Pitch” has some icy prepared piano from Andrew
Russo, and contrasts acceleration with not so
soothing pauses. Next up “Phantom Shakedown”
is Ms. Gosfield performing her own work with
some great renegade electronics, a shortwave
radio giving an EVP feel. On this and the first
her use of piano feels angry, low dark striking
chords. Excellent! Next the title piece brings
back the strong sawing cello of Felix Fan and
really great percussion David Cossin from the
opener. Viola/violins help make the strings
daring and dizzying, upright bass sneaks in
a sideways jazz vibe, and apparently there is
an inside punk quote to an early band of hers
“Planet Z.” A lot of range on this 24 minute
number, some sections seem to focus on notes
descending, and there is an aire of industrial
collapse. Her pieces often pound like torked
pistons, this one ends with some slow swoons.
Next up, the black sheep…club cred maybe?
Dirty boogie guitar loops a riff a tad too
long for me, but love the Ches Smith and Alex
Lipowski interlude… Back to the classical
blastcaps for the closer, mean machinery made
out of violin and cello gears. Flute blows
steam, piano forges fire.

-Thurston Hunger


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