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Devin Gary & Ross – “Honeycomb of Chakras” – [Feeding Tube Records]

Thurston Hunger   2/26/2014   12-inch, A Library

The band name connotes a local pizzeria perhaps, or with their
last names : Flynn, Panter and Goldstein maybe the law office
that protects said pizzeria from health service injunctions,
but they are three pretty talented twisters in their day jobs
(including Gary Panter as the former art director for Pee-Wee’s
Playhouse!!) and their hippy hobby delivers a slice of KFJC
heaven. Actually two slices, and I’m not just talking about
the gorgeous gatefold displaying cartoonist Devin’s handiwork.
One record is chock full of Nuggets, Pebbles and Rubble…
psychedelic covers done with devotion, craft and dollops of
weirdness. Mostly these are found on the first record, right off
the bat with the “Smell of Incense” where these East Coast
critters take command of the West Cost Pop Experimental number
(that bassline tapping at the back of your skull, ahhhhh!)
But don’t miss the monkeying cover of Tiny Tim of Bill Dorsey.
The liners list all of the equipment each gent brings to the
party, I’m surprised they didn’t list their specific pedals
as well; they strike me as those kind of guys (you know, our
friends!). But it’s not all Love, Peace and Poetry, as promised
weirdness abounds, side C is a pretty trippy triptych trek maybe
closer to improvised loopy “Lamia” than sweet psych pachouli.
Stick “The Exploding Eye” in your ear, for Illuminati-ation!
Perhaps Feeding Tube can be thanked for these freakier flavors.
And what about the wacked closing extended skit/tweakage that
includes a shakedown of Mickey Mouse, some raving D&D dude with
ADD and slight FCC return and is aptly titled “What Did The Hippy
Pen Say To The Hippy Pencil?” I can only guess he said,
“Honeycomb’s good, yeah yeah yeah!”
-Thurston Hunger

Album title comes from a poem of one of the gent’s uncle by the way. Who reads on KPFK at time apparently?!?! Viva radio in all weird forms.

you heard it 37 times on kfjc! most recently:
Gary Panter says

Thanks, Thurston, for the review and for playing our record. We will include the pedal list next time!


Devin Flynn says

Honeycomb Of Chakras is a term my uncle John Michael Daniel used to describe an ecstatic vision he experienced that was so intense, he had to turn away from it lest be unraveled by it's infinite thrall. John had a monthly show on Spaceways Radio on KPFK with Carlos Nino. Our album was dedicated in his memory, and we continue to mourn his recent passing. Thanks to everybody responding to our tunes!!!!!!!!! Great and meticuluous review Thurston!!!much appreciated!!


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