Fedai – “to Avenge Nizar” – [Clell Miller CD-R Label]

mickeyslim   2/19/2014   A Library, CD

Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 11.31.34 PM

Clell Miller CD-R Label release giving us a nice little five song EP. Fedai Tigr, Franco Prussian, Geedo Dred, and Clell himself bring us a nice amalgamated blend of field recordings.

Chirping crickets and TV fuzz with buggy vocals. Tracks two and three are mostly beat driven, track three could find a nice place in Groove Therapy’s heart. Four starts with a nice little rant by Ponytail Rick mixed with some electronic noises and a pleasant piano, before ending in a guitar groove with killer samples. Last track is 12 minutes of space warbling and possibly heavy breathing?

Great stuff here, inaudible FCC on track 1.


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