Ape Has Killed Ape – “Acid Reflux ” – [True Classical Cds]

Max Level   8/18/2006   A Library, CD

In performance, So Cal’s AHKA have been known to clear out crowded clubs in record time. Could be those monkey masks? AHKA essentially boils down to Matt Stein, who has also appeared in the band Leather Hymen. He writes and sings, as well as playing guitar, percussion, and odd things such as theremin. Bassist/co-producer Kurt Kasinoff is Second Ape In Command this time around. What we get is crazy, whacked-out, drug-influenced electronic punk sludge folk blues. The unhealthy obsession with Planet of the Apes continues, although there seems to be slightly less of that action on this CD than on previous releases. Hard to say what the songs are about, but ‘I’m hearing a bit of de-evolution/subgenius theory in there. Whenever Stein sings it’s in the exact same drawling monotone. Weird fun.


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