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Carey, Jeff – “[3:30]” – [Forwind]

abacus   1/15/2014   A Library, CD


Digital noise eviscerator Jeff Carey brings us another beautifully crafted release of mind numbing ferocity. His brand of noise is joystick controlled, gamer keypad processed and totally fucking exhilerating, you can almost see the strobe lights he uses flashing before your eyes. Speaker decimating bass tones and piercing and gritty sonic dust craftfully textured with infinite attention to detail. Ballast sounds like your brain being sizzle-fried inside a giant bell chopped and diced into a grainy buzz while Phosphor invades with chest rumbling pulsar waves, an underwater dreadnought. His grasp of spacing and rhythm shine brilliantly with Sink swirling with silence and Lock bringing everything together into a chaotic beast of beat drops. Don’t let the noise scare you away, this pieces are short (under 4mins each) and oh so sweet, except for maybe 1001 that might scare away anyone in a 50 foot radius. I think I scared people while I was stuck in traffic listening to this over and over and over and over……..


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