Uitti, Frances-Marie and Paul Griffiths “there is still time” [ECM] CD

angel   8/2/2006   A Library

Like electromagnetic medicine… lulling, comforting, undulating tones form from part of your body energy, then feed back through your ears. Paul Griffiths speaks so strangely, pained and soft, wandering through the labyrinth of the mind. The words are the words only spoken by Shakespeare’s Ophelia, to create a new character in a new story. It is all somehow familiar to me: the questions about lost and found love, fear, and confusion. Uitti’s cello is an old friend who consoles the troubled speaker. It all creates a theatrical setting, surrounding you in the scenes. The cello becomes edgy, the speaker almost frantic, simultaneously ascending and descending a staircase to saneinsanity… the rebirth of the world…


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