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Toy Story Two – “Barrage of Bizarre Rocket Skulls” – [Dolor Del Estamago]

abacus   12/4/2013   A Library, CD


Join Rocket Skull the toy adventurer for a feature length barrage showcase of sound effects both bizarre, boring and bombastic. Witness the peril as he fights his way through a Star Wars Space Odyssey battlefield; feel the romance as he avoids his dog, feeds his fish, cleans the tank and fiddles about the house; lose yourself in the mystery as he scurries about and settles into his video games and then ventures out for a spring afternoon stroll. At the startling climax he journeys across several lanes of freeway traffic and through a cast iron labyrinth down a mine shaft and pounds through layers of rock to find a secret entrance to a fathomless corridor. Circumstantial silences and surprises ensue… Does he kill the dog at the end? Tune in to find out!


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