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Micheline, Jack – “In Amsterdam” – [Unrequited Records]

mickeyslim   12/4/2013   A Library, CD


Bronx-born, Beat-era, Bay Area bred Jack Micheline in a live reading from Amsterdam’s Ins and Outs Press in 1982. Brought there by Soyo Benn Posset for the ’82 One World Poetry Festival, Posset decided to have him stay the the Press, so he gave a live reading.

Poems, songs, stories, chants, scats, and songs. Mostly upbeat, playful, fun tracks until “O Harlem,” the gem of the album. This poem evoked so much emotion I had shed a few tears through the end. The “Imaginary Convo. w/ Kerouac” is essentially Micheline trying to understand Kerouac’s gibberish. The songs on here are sung with no musical accompaniment, but again, are still pretty fun to listen to. One of the more unknown “outlaw” poets, this guy is the real deal.


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