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Washerwoman – “Washerwoman” – [Cricket Cemetery]

Thurston Hunger   11/29/2013   7-inch, A Library

Dark churning blister ballads…featuring the cutting, reverb’d
voice of Angela Morrish. She’s got that clipped, scalping wail
that is where gothic country should stake its black heart.
The territory between a boy named Sue and a girl named Siouxsie.
Angela also bashes out a grim distorted guitar, stringing her
lyrics across the crests of the chords. Her only accompaniment
is drummer Nathan Jurgenson but he packs plenty of intensity, I
bet he’s broken more than his fair share of bass drum pedals.
In each song, he abates for the briefest of breaks, to help
accentuate Angela’s ashen antics, and then back into the fire.
This recording catches the urgency of their live performances,
nice debut for the Washington DC duo. They may be wearing black
but they ain’t mourning. Again props to Ian Thompson for
digging up and digging into a lot of diversity in his Cricket
Cemetery label.

-Thurston Hunger


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