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Minderbinder – “No One Is Trying to Kill You, Sweetheart” – [Edgetone Records]

Thurston Hunger   11/29/2013   CD, Jazz

Nice project that works best as a percussion duo, when
Kyle Adam Blair gets into the steely coiled heart of
his piano, for prepared/damaged excursions. The lead
off 9 minutes had a sort of quick chaos that reminded
me of Conlon Nancarrow, fast finger flurries but it all
gets dark and ominous at 9 minutes in. That’s when Blair
first slips into the “wrong” side of the keys; we hear
sinister scrapes, broken toy tinkering, coffin taps,
and those great metallic zwings like on #2 in the middle.
Proper(?) percussionist Chris Golinski recently was on
KFJC’s airwaves with a trio and “Gnash”. He reminds me
of a Tony Buck meets William Winant hybrid. Busy, not
cluttered, kind of a syncopated automated pachinko,
with quick and dry hits. Check his opening of #3, and
Blair makes solid use of the deep end of his piano
as well, which also is a pleasure in the Necks vein.
Bandname and album/song titles come from Catch-22. No
futile bureacracy here…just extended improvisation
that can tunnel between jazz sets and Death Waltz
soundtrack reissues.

-Thurston Hunger


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