Kiss of The Damned [coll] – [Soraya Recordings]

mickeyslim   11/6/2013   12-inch, Soundtrack


Djuna, a vampire, tries and fails to brush off advances from a man, Paolo, endangering her community. A 2013 movie considered to be a “psychological high Gothic vampire film,” played at the South by Southwest film festival, and here we find ourselves holding this, the soundtrack.

Assorted sounds mostly from Steven Husteter, but there’s tracks by others also. The theme music is sometimes spaced out, sometimes reminiscent of a spaghetti western, but mostly stoney, smoke-filled lust grooves. The Der Fluch track is great kraut blues punk. Brigitte Fontaine’s sultry vocals on “Le Ciel Est Doux” are backed by Japanese sounding strings. Great mix of sounds from what looks like a killer flick.

Try to resist, but giving in feels so much better…


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