Unpopular Electronics – She Just Won’t Quit [Holy Cheever Church Recordings]

fox   10/21/2013   A Library, CD

These four untitled tracks constitute the authoritative evolutionary history on a distant planet of electronic life forms. We hear the first pops and bubbles coming from the primordial stew. The first scratchy, unnerving vibrations of love communicated between barely sentient beings. Become absorbed in sophisticated conversations between the ancient electronic analogues of our frogs and mosquitoes. Eventually, primitive emotions of love, lust, loss, hunger and ecstasy emerge, together with evidence of cunning hunting and nest building, fights and airborne skirmishes. The ultimate fate of life on this planet is unknown, although we do hear undertones of despair increasingly towards the end. These stark, bare and haunting UNESCO-endorsed tracks clock in between 10 and 20 minutes each but don’t need to be played in their entirety.


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