Fug Gum Vol. Two [coll] – [Freakdom]

Thurston Hunger   10/19/2013   A Library, CD

Tastes like but Bananafish, but it’snot! Dylan Nyoukis
butters up the earballs of oddballs. Sure the opening
track is a surefire KFJC hit, you can take that bet
to your local Doomsday Cult, kinda glad this one came
from another nation. USA USA USA?! Proud to have some
of these artists already in KFJC, but the glory of
such experimentation is finding more freaks. So while
I dug Ono, Bren’t, MV & EE, Mr Melchior and Micro_penis,
getting turned on to Atelier Mediterranee was a plus
(a secret door to Cheveu apparently!) “Dawn Davenport”
while aimed at shutting down religious start-ups,
could help KFJC with our current fundraiser. The
variety here makes it hard to recap, there’s a loose
connection of spoken samples warped into the woofers
for these artsploits. There’s also a plain ol’ loose
connection on the wire grounding of Darksmith of
California. Mag Resistance uG explodes with static.
Duck That goes hunting for jazz decoys. And if I’m
brave and/or drunk enough, I’ll impersonate Junko’s
vox when I give an oral review of this to the KFJC
staff. Run for your lives (and take this with you)

PS Dylan dedicates this CD to Agog and an essay at

-Thurston Hunger


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