Protons, The – “Live 1981” – [BUFMS]

mickeyslim   10/16/2013   A Library, CD


Awe-ful live recordings from a group of troublemakers at Nevada Union High School in 1981. First few tracks are a “rehearsal” at a nearby park, and the last three are a performance at the school talent show. Includes Vomit Launch/Tape Op Magazine dude, Larry Crane, and whoever of them was the class president.

Teenager noise sounds on stage, broken instruments, toy piano, pops, random lyrics and yelling, kazoo hums, banging trash cans. Recorded onto a boombox. Reported to have planted folks in the audience to throw tomatoes. Don’t forget the Al Green cover! or is it the Talking Heads? The world may never know… Nonsensical fun!


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