Dear John Letters, The – “Sons of Daedalus” – [Great Plains Records]

Naysayer   10/15/2013   A Library, CD

This is “The Dear John Letters” (DJL) from San Diego, not Augsburg, Germany or the midwest version. This DJL is usually Sarah. Just Sarah playing her acoustic guitar and singing with some accompaniment, sometimes. For this Great Plains Records release, “Sons of Daedalus”, Sarah and her crew, as in band, go electric, and it really spices things up. For this indie diy release, the electric guitars, bass and drums play a pretty straight forward rhythm with enthusiasm. The musicianship is good, the mood is fun especially if you like lyrics…. lyrics about philosophical pondering about the purpose of life, about being the bad egg in a relationship, about not wanting death to come by yet. I’ve really been into lyrics lately, wanting songs with heartfelt, interesting words and DJL fills up some of that need. Sarah sings in this regular, easy going, slightly plaintive voice which I fully fell for. Sometimes she is a bit squeaky on the high notes but in a good way. It is a sweet voice but with an edge because of what she is singing about: the human condition. Folks are going to enjoy this. It just feels good to listen to.
Watch out for track 7: 10 plus minutes of quiet and the infrequent sounds of someone moving pots and turning on dripping water in their kitchen. Track 8 is a hidden track with music and singing.


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