Death Convention Singers – “S/T” – [Sick Sick Sick]

abacus   10/1/2013   A Library, CD


Desolate desert drones from this collective of experimental nomads and bandidos out of New Mexico. A super-ensemble of 18+ musicians playing bass, “noise”, drums, violin, clarinet, turntable, banjo and label head Raven Chacon on classical guitar. The opener hits hard with a sinister overblown doom dirge that plods and pummels in torrential fury. The bludgeoning drums burgeon under the heaving mass of bass feedback obesity. The second monolith is a rustic ghost town nightscape with phantoms lingering amidst the sagebrush along dusty mountainsides and through echoing canyons. The final track comes to a sudden factory halt with various subsequent machinery malfunctions. Frantic whirr and crackle of intersecting trains give way to a hypnagogic fairy-go-round the drain swirling into sleepy silence. A variety of sounds ranging from stark and bare to overblown and chaotic. Patience wields no reward but is an end in itself.


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