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Primitive Man – “Scorn” – [Relapse Records]

abacus   9/25/2013   12-inch, A Library

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Disintegrate in this blast furnace of fury from Denver, CO project of dystopian doom blackened with dried blood. Anger expressed in its most raw, filthy and primal form, no frills or technical swagger to detract from the outlash of hate and, well, scorn. Sparse musicianship overblown to a crumbling peak with atonal harmonies and viscous drum sludge that all reek of decay bathing in claustrophobic clouds of noise and feedback. Occasionally they will boil over in fits of thrash outbreaks only to tumble back into the seismic fissures of contemplative anguish. Tortured industrial ambiance intersect (tracks 3, 5) to let you catch your breath before your thoughts catch up. Antietam lets the hoarse, raspy cackles take front stage before exploding and along Scorn, go through several conniptions before they devolve and self-destruct. Pure snarling catharsis, unleash and stomp away.


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