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Finger, Benjamin – “Listen to My Nerves Hum” – [Time Released Sound]

humana   9/16/2013   12-inch, A Library

I read somewhere that Finger is influenced by Chopin, and that is crystal clear on this delightful album. The piano is minimally set in a wistful soundscape of field recordings of creaking doors or porch swings, squealing children, birdsong (3), beeping horns, audience clapping, and drumrolls (11). So simple, and yet the way the keys alternately flow and plash and intensify is classical in a Phillip Glass-like way. Absolutely gorgeous. Fortunately for us this Norwegian artist branched out from photography and art into music. His own vocals as well as those of Inga-Lill Farstad contribute to this palette that is very much like the soundtrack to a well-done art film from overseas. Bravo!


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