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Crystal Shipsss – “Crystal Shipsss EP” – [Three Ring Records]

humana   9/5/2013   A Library, Cassette

As promised by 6, this is a treat to listen to, as it is fun making out the lyrics that stand out in often dark contrast with the upbeat tempo of the music behind them, especially on the last track. Jacob Faurholt’s voice is rather wistful as he sings about subjects such as “I hope we’ll learn to cope as chill, just as children are” (1); “Cause I can’t take it, seeing those lovely bones, crushing like a skull beneath the ties of all we’ve learned” (2); “I hope I get home before it gets dark” (3); “I hope, I hope, I hope” (4); “Feel like a cat jumping from the third floor, not landing on my broken legs; there’s a time of day when you want to open the presents before the Christmas bell rings” (5). The guitars are hazy and garagey, the drums add a pop element, and the voice, as I said, is the finest instrument. This is like a Christmas present that surprises you with its cool messages wrapped inside misleadingly cheerful paper.


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