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Blood of The Black Owl – “Light The Fires!” – [Bindrune Recordings]

abacus   8/12/2013   A Library, CD


Transport yourself to a mystical moonlit wilderness with Seattle’s Blood of the Black Owl, project based around spiritual entity Chet W Scott. From the invocation we find ourselves situated amidst a barren landscape along the steppes, Calling Spirits forth in ritualistic fervor around a blazing fire. Village elders head the guttural chants, evoking metaphysical transcendence as the night sky pulls us in. Drifting along a dark ether to other realms we see visions of decay and rebirth, all reflected in our own mirror. Gentle and solemn folk melodies guide us through psychophysical transcendence, hearkening to classic 70s psychedelia with astral organ sweeps and weaving flute serenades, subtle premonitions of the tribal doom metal to come. The fourth track evokes the Black sun to rise up and wash away the landscape in wind and fire with village elders transformed to vengeful manifestations of earth’s fury. Forsaken yet not overpowering, the impending doom takes hold of the wistful guitar melodies as icy storms wash over and lick the landscape clean of all life. Only a fleeting glimpse remains, Two Ravens sitting along isolated treetops singing their mournful wails. A creekside prayer calls upon the Soil Magicians to once again reinvigorate the earth, at odds with the demons striving for further desecration. The closing track opens with ceremonial organ quickly overwhelmed by the fierce conflagration of self-destructive contempt. A brief respite stands resilient; ethereal drones soothed by the tranquil flute devotional, only to be consumed again by wrath. Does all life end in hopelessness? Or does further creation lie within our own extinction?

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