Karel, Ernst – “Heard Laboratories” – [and/OAR]

cinder   8/9/2013   A Library, CD

If you dreamed of being a scientist, but didn’t want to do the work…. well, at least you can listen to what they do day to day. Field recordings from various laboratories at Harvard. The hums, buzzes, drones and flickering of silence. This is SUPER minimal, probably best to layer. After working in a record store for too many years, the sounds of mechanical sterile nothingness is sweetness to my ears. There’s the occasional phone ring, a blip of a conversation, ticking and tocking, something that sounds like steam, tamarin monkeys that sound like birds, etc… a voyeuristic soundscape, make up your own work day.
Amongst other things, and besides recording sound, Karel is currently a lab manager for the Sensory Ethnography Lab at Harvard University, where as Lecturer on Anthropology, he teaches a course in sonic ethnography.


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