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Diabate, Cheick Hamala – “Prudence” – [Electric Cowbell]

Thurston Hunger   8/7/2013   A Library, CD

EP on the Electric Cowbell label, remixing a Mali music master.
True to form, the first remix on here, I’m pretty sure rocks the
actual electric cowbell with abandon. If you want to hear Cheick
Hamala’s original that awaits you on track 5, the ngoni/harp is
ripping zither-like riffs, and Cheick’s strong voice is backed
with an emphatic chorus, kinda griot acoustic bluesy work, and
a sort of slow arcing horn. The remixes typically grab and
loop the chorus vocals to foster a form of Afrobeat urgency.
You want your head in a bass drum dream, try #3, it also pan
fries some spicy tabla too. Bong Bhangra? Even that cleans up
by the end, and all of the remixes on here prolly would work
(too?) nicely in a $10 per cocktail bar. Daytoner’s take plays
up the Congotronic power at the start, I checked out his
other stuff online and he’s definitely into the sunshine vibe.
So he adds pretty flute flowers and smooth wooshes. Whiskey
Barons work in some hand jive just shy of three minutes in
and that synth line tunneling. The closer is completely different
with power female (Sengalese??) vocals roaring, over a dance
descencing an eternal staircase.
-Thurston Hunger


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