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Pride, Mike/From Bacteria to Boys – “Birthing Days” – [Aum Fidelity]

mickeyslim   7/17/2013   CD, Jazz


Mike Pride plays jazz in a tribute to his firstborn son, Charlie, and “reflects the fullness in his life as a parent.” I probably shouldn’t have read that first, but the liner notes drew me in, explaining each track and the idea behind it. It’s a fun album, nothing like “Drummer’s Corpse,” which was released simultaneously with this one.

I enjoyed the first track the most which they describe as “a picture of life without purpose or clarity.” Definitely the most diverse of all the tracks. It ebbs and flows through a sea of emotion with a broken serenity, taking time with each emotion for only a brief moment. The rest of the tracks on this album seem to concentrate on each feeling and break it down, but the sense of subtle amazement is apparent throughout. Make sure to check out the liner notes, but also remember to take it with a grain of salt; take a listen for yourself.

It’s pretty and soothing in a KFJC kinda way; it’s whimsical, kinda lounge-y and yeah, childlike.


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