Cold Electrics – “Y’Know For Charity” – [Quote Unquote Records]

abacus   7/16/2013   A Library, CD


Light-hearted bounce rock consumed with self-loathing from this one man project of a certain Sean Eldon Qualls out of Boston. Crunchy math rhythms break up the punkish pop song structures and provide an endearing contrast to the lyrical subject matter of crippling depression and heartbreak. The vocals get a little emotional, but sincerely so and never too irritating. Upbeat and playful in delivery but downright dejected the deeper you get, quite an interesting sort of catharsis. Amusing spoken interludes at the end of track 1 and beginnings of 3-6, with an FCC on track 6 intro. FCC on track 5 as well but an epic long track at 4 mins and packs some heat but track 4 gets more adventurous with the breakdowns and incorporates some cool electronics. Track 6 is the highlight, drifting in an out of a black-and-white staticky Nintendo daydream, or nightmare depending on how close you listen. The album closes appropriately with a rockin’ anthem of desperation and defeat, also the only song not written by Sean, but one of his favorites. So happily tortured and anguished, truly resilient.


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