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Artemiev, Artemiy – “Time, Desert and a Sound” – [Electroshock Records]

cinder   7/11/2013   A Library, CD

Russian. 2004 release. Super zoney, transcendental, meditative, drones. Exactly what you’d imagine a hot day in the middle of the Sahara to be. Gorgeous layers of semi-doom, mystical ambient sounds. It had a bit of a sci-fi feel to me, not sure why. The electronics build up like a slow wave… keyboards, samplers, computer programming. A gentle acoustic guitar strums in the midst of the building chaos on track 3. Some hypnotizing Tuvan sounding singing on a few tracks. The last track is live, and blends in some middle eastern sounding strings and perfect desert ambiance. Since 1996 he’s produced a TV-radio program “Electroshock” devoted to electronic, electroacoustic, experimental & avant-garde music.


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