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Grenier – “Voids Two” – [Self Released]

Naysayer   7/10/2013   A Library, CD

All hail Grenier, aka DJG, real name Dean J. Grenier, but for this project Grenier. Dubstep and beyond producer hailing from San Francisco, Grenier gives us “Voids Two”, the second of his three part project to move away somewhat from his dubstep community so as to experiment with different dance styles and with a lighter sound, as he has stated. The opening sound byte about the power of sound and music, it’s ability to kill and therefore it’s potential to do the opposite sets the tone of the release: to find that power of music to do the opposite of negative reactions. BC3 begins with more than a nod to Steve Reich’s glorious “Music for Six Marimbas”, a joyous piece if ever there was one. From there Grenier takes us into more common territory, but with a twist. “Lichen” has the expected electronic beats, but listen to the playing of classical acoustic guitar samples mixed in. Great idea that works surprisingly and wonderfully. Throughout the six pieces, the electronic beats propel the listener on an auditory journey that IS lighter and quite thoughtful. Even when you think it is going to get hard, the floating synth sounds pick it up. This is a well put together project that shows us Grenier continuing to move forward in his exploration of sound.


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