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Pissed Jeans – “Shallow ” – [Parts Unknown Records]

Thurston Hunger   4/27/2006   A Library, CD

Nice pairing of the high-voltage riff and low-esteem whiff of
the Pissed Jeans. An Allentown, PA four pee’s (rearrange their
four action figures and you get the Gate Crashers). Punk with
plenty of spunk, shameful shameful spunk. These guys had me on
the first track, between two-chord stop-and-start bursts Matt
Kosloff yells lines like “I’m Sick…I got a headache…I’ve
got a stuffed head….I’m dehyrdated.” These guys are sick,
sick like a fox! Working the smart-stupid tunnel in the
brain better than most, and if they are sick, then guitar
feedback is their phlegm. This album drips nicely with ye olde
reeling squeal. Drummer’s got a boot too, and they even toss
him a bone, a non-solo solo to end “Closet Marine.” Another
fine title, see what I mean about the smart-stupid power. That
comes before a song about standing one’s self up for dinner!
Could this be Seinfeld-punk? I know, that’s praise that slays;
but they’ve got a bigger curse to grapple with: they’ve been
signed by Sub Pop. Will their creativity run dry?’ Nah, I bet
they’ve got the juice, loved this record. -Thurston Hunger
Save #4 for safe harbor I guess.

Kidney stone punk rock
With a humbucking headache
A happy headache


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