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Nathan, Jesse and Janzen, Chris – “Dinner – a Record of Madness” – [Self Released]

mickeyslim   6/25/2013   12-inch, Jazz


One crazy cool album sure to be a KFJC favorite. So… in June 2007, Janzen approached Nathan with an all instrumental CD that he was to put lyrics/poetry to. The words Nathan came up with narrate the obviously fictional story of a crazed dinner party hosted by Virginia Woolf and attended by other eccentrics. The poems were performed in 2008 at Bethel College, then the poems and songs were presented in a chapbook that included collaged portraits of the people from the album.

The music here is definitely jazz, but changes from groovy and funky, to a more abstract and free kind of playing. Electronics at times, sometimes monotonous slow beats, or a funky groove, the music mixes it up as much as the words.

The words mix with the music very well, and get drowned out at times, making it just seem like another instrument. The lyrics themselves almost seem random due to his bizarre diction, but paint a unique picture of this deranged dinner party.

This is gold for spoken word lovers, but if you’re just looking for a wild ride, come buckle up…


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