Concrete Island – “Conrete Island” – [Sleep Genius]

Naysayer   6/19/2013   A Library, Cassette

Concrete Island is Scott Moore and Dave Coen who make real industrial music. On the new and interesting to watch out for Sleep Genius label out of San Francisco, Concrete Island have created four tracks that seem to use recordings of machinery, field recordings of maybe trains or trucks, not sure, but definitely heavy equipment. They let it play through, layering some of the sounds into beautiful complex rhythms. This is industrial music like in the beginning of the genre. The pieces put a smile on my face as it brought me back to recordings of Throbbing Gristle, or reminded me of soundtracks made for dadaist and surrealist films of the early twentieth century. It also reminded me of just happening upon a big piece of machinery running, or a train passing, or a factory working and my stopping to listen to the lilting and subtle changes of the sounds created. It might be harsh or dark and oppressive to some, and the track titles suggest those feelings. I find this soothing and calming in a twisted industrial way. Just pop it in the tape deck and let it play through.


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